The speed of light is the low-dimensional limit

The singularity in a black hole is the higher-dimensional limit

With r_S\space =\space \frac{2\space *\space l_P^2}{\lambda}, the Schwarzschild radius is directly related to the Compton wavelength


Dimensional Physics


Theory unifying general relativity with quantum field theories

Christian Kosmak, Germany Würzburg 2023 Version 4.1 – 05.30.2023


Binding energy as intersection of spacetime density.

Formulary for Dimensional Physics

  • Formulas with derivation are listed, which are used again and again in the work.
  • The collection is not complete and is intended for „quick reference“.
  • The formula is usually rearranged in the sense that it is not so easy to calculate with it, but the meaning of the formula becomes clearer.